We offer a wide range of grippers for different handling applications. In this product range, there are parallel grippers, wide opening parallel grippers, three-finger parallel grippers, angular grippers, and sprue grippers. Can be applied to take the product into or pick it up from the machining, and also to keep it in a position until the machining. We have also a very wide range in the opening dimension and the gripping force.

All-in-one gripper

We offer an all-in-one gripper. This is designed with embedded solenoid valves and sensor switches. Only one I/O signal cable and one air tube are required. Plug and play. High reliability and simple operation compared with electric grippers.


Wide opening parallel gripper

We offer parallel grippers with long stroke for many applications. The wide range of bores and strokes available allows to meet technical requirements at its best. Rack and pinion construction enable synchronization of both jaws enabling smooth and consistent gripping force. Sturdy and accurate construction.


Three finger gripper

We offer Three fingers grippers. Thanks to the compact design to ensure minimum interference while operating; the robust “T” rail design, ensure accurate gripping. These gripper series results are particularly suitable to be combined with anthropomorphic or collaborative robots and gantry systems for applications in Pick and Place units, Material handling, and the loading/unloading operations of machine tools.


Sprue Gripper

We offer sprue grippers. Their technical features ensure a high gripping force and make these grippers particularly suitable in the removal of injection molded items. The surface treatments on each metallic part make this series very wear-resistant. D and E models are provided with a finger having a slot for the installation of an inductive sensor.

Features - Sprue gripper

Parallel gripper

We offer parallel grippers with two fingers for many applications with different mechanisms for actuating the fingers. Thanks to the use of a high-performing and precise force transmission system, the grippers are able to provide high closing/opening forces. It has a high closing and opening repeatability. All of them are resistant to external loads thanks to the used guide.


Angular Gripper

We offer angular grippers. A permanent magnet within the gripper is able to send, through proximity switches inserted in the grooves on the body, electrical signals to indicate the position of the gripping fingers. The link mechanism used ensures a high gripping force. The gripper can be installed easily in different positions.



All-in-one gripper

Angular grippers

CGPS Parallel grippers

CGPT Parallel grippers

RPGA Sprue Grippers

RPGB Sprue grippers

CGCN Three finger gripper

CGZT Three finger gripper

Wide opening parallel gripper


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