Guided Cylinders


We offer different guided cylinders that can be used in applications where space is limited. The cylinders are available with slide bearings or ball bushes for high precision moving even for fast cycles. The cylinders are available with a mechanical stopper, or with shock absorbers for reducing the end shock at the end of the stroke.

Double shaft guided cylinders

The double shaft guided cylinders are suitable for use in very limited space. The cylinders are available with sintered bronze bushes when the side loads are high, or with linear ball bearings, when need it high precision and fast cycling. The cylinders are equipped with fixed cushioning to prevent direct impact with the end covers. The design of the cylinder body allows the mounting of the cylinder using either top, bottom or side faces. Several “T” shaped grooves in two faces allow sensors to be fitted in a number of positions.


Double Pistons Cylinders

We offer double pistons cylinders that have been designed to be used in applications where space is limited. Regarding the bearings, the slide units are available in two versions, one with double sintered bronze bushes and the other with double linear ball bearings The bronze bushes version would normally be selected when the side loads applied to the slide unit are high. Linear bearings are suitable for fast cycles (less sideload) and higher precision. The cylinders are available with fixed mechanical cushions or with one shock absorber located centrally on the rear flange or with two shock absorbers located on the body. The versions with shock absorbers are suitable for handling of higher mass forces and/or when it is necessary to adjust the stroke.



We offer actuators for a wide range of solutions covering a great number of applications that require a guided linear movement. The design of the double piston, besides assuring a solid and effective guide, offers double force in compact dimensions. Where a high force with precise movement is required, along with a non-rotation function and integrated guide, these cylinders are the ideal solution.



Double Pistons QX

Cylinders with integrated guide QC

Cylinders with integrated guide QCTF - QCBF


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