Rate Controls


We offer rate controls that can be used in different applications where need to control the movement even for low speed. It is ideal for all kinds of cutting tools on machines that need continuous, stable feeding speed. Also available is a type that can be used for longer stroke or continual movement.

We offer rate controls are used to regulate the speed or time required for a mechanism to move from one position to another. These products are typically used to control pneumatic cylinders, linear slides, lids, and other moving mechanisms. Compact size, ideal for use on robots, drills, conveyors, cut-off machines, and woodworking equipment. Completely sealed construction with anti-dust function to prevent oil leakage, perfect for use in a special environment.


We offer a viscous speed governor that is simple, lightweight rugged construction that provides reliable performance for numerous industrial applications. The VSG controls the rotation of shafts and hinged loads by using silicone-based viscous shearing technology. An inner rotor is surrounded by silicone fluid within the stationary housing. As the shaft rotates, the inner rotor shears the silicone fluid providing resistance and smooth motion. The fluid viscosity of each VSG is selected after considering variables such as the component’s size, weight, spring-assist, and desired cycle time.



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