Automatic Control valve


We offer different types of logic valves to control by the logic of the operation. These elements can be used in a simple logical operation. Typically used in many industries where needs to control simple logic function during the operation.


We offer a selector valve. This element can be used in an operation where the pneumatic operation signal can come from two different directions and by the flow have to separate from each other these two directions. One of the basic logic elements of the pneumatic circuit.
We offer unidirectional/non-return valves to guarantee the flow in only one direction, protect with that the failure against the wrong signal direction. One of the basic logic elements of the pneumatic circuit. Thanks to the construction can be worked from low operating pressure.
We offer quick exhaust valves to rapidly discharge air contained in tanks. The main application to single or double-acting cylinders wherewith the quick exhaust it is possible to achieve increased piston speeds on the exhaust stroke chambers. The threaded version can be used directly in the cylinder, the fitting version can be mounted on the solenoid valve.
We offer pilot-operated check valves that have been realized in order to enable mounting directly on cylinders to stop the cylinder and keep it in a position. These valves are enabling accurate holding of work-piece. They can be used as high flow valves for blows, cleaning of pieces, filling of volumes. For these applications, it is suggested to connect the supply to port 2 (having the mail thread).



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