Linear motion solutions for Medical field applications

Linear motion solutions for Medical field applications

Within an industry inherently associated with healthcare, the technology used must deliver high performance and aim to ensure a positive experience for users, patients and healthcare professionals. Mechanical parts can make the difference.

The medical industry focuses on two key requirements. First, the level of hygiene: environments and equipment must always be clean and frequent washes and detergents can cause premature wear of mechanical components affecting their life and operation.

Secondly, the machines’ performance level must be accurate and stable to ensure reliable results, sturdy to withstand heavy loads, and compact to allow multiple components to be housed in enclosed spaces.

Rollon linear rails and linear actuators are suitable for different medical applications, ranging from medical-technical platforms, such as operating room beds, dentist chairs, or diagnostic systems (X-ray machines, MRI and CT scanners), surgery and laboratory robots for handling fluids, and automated drug warehouses.

Key applications for linear rails and actuators for the medical industry:

  • Linear motion in operating room beds
  • Linear motion in diagnostic systems
  • Linear motion in laboratory robots
  • Linear motion in dentist chairs