Linear solutions for applications in packaging and logistics

Linear solutions for applications in packaging and logistics

In the areas of packaging and logistics, efficiency is measured in terms of productivityreliabilityperformance, and safety. The capacity of a system to sustain high cycles and reduce production times translates directly into economic savings, just like the reliability of selected components ensures that maintenance costs are contained and system productivity increases.

When selecting components to manage linear motion, the best choice is often a preassembled industrial solution. Instead of investing internal effort and resources, with the associated costs, to design and create these components, it is possible to benefit from several advantages deriving from Rollon actuators and linear motion solutions.

First of all, product reliability and quality are guaranteed by internal laboratory tests. The company has specific know how, the result of solid experience in dealing with our customers through the Rollon R&D team, to evaluate every need involved in motion and handling situations and provide a winning solution. Our precious customer advice and technical assistance enables us to serve customers all over the world because we enjoy a global presence on the market.

The range of Rollon actuators and linear rails offers several solutions for linear motion for applications common to the packaging and logistics fields: belt driven, screw driven, and rack and pinion linear actuators. The belt driven linear actuators offer excellent performance in terms of load capacity, speed and acceleration, and protection from impurities. They are the perfect solution for palletized applications and pick and place procedures. The screw driven linear units show particularly good performance in terms of precision and positioning. This makes them suitable for filling, printing and labeling applications.  Lastly, the rack and pinion motion unit is particularly indicated for very long strokes and for using multiple independent carriages, ideal for packaging solutions.

Rollon linear telescopic rails and actuators are also used in several applications involved in building automated warehouses, such as pulling out drawers and compartments and moving robots.

Main applications for linear actuators in packaging and logistics:

  • Actuators and linear rails for positioning loads
  • Actuators and linear rails for palletizing
  • Actuators and linear rails for packaging
  • Actuators and linear rails for pick and place operations
  • Actuators and linear rails for regulating grippers and tools
  • Actuators and linear rails for filling operations
  • Actuators and linear rails for printing and labeling operations
  • Actuators and linear rails for automatic warehouses
  • Actuators for clean rooms