Linear solutions for applications in the Industrial Machines sector

Linear solutions for applications in the Industrial Machines sector

Efficiency is a key concept for industrial machines used in a production processes. Workstations, cutting machines, painting machines and woodworking or marble working machines must be able to operate correctly for long periods of time, often with stressful cycles and under critical conditions – managing liquids, swarf, and shavings from processes, or contaminants and corrosive substances.

A malfunction or condition that causes machine downtime can mean an immediate loss of efficiency in the production process and, as a result, generate costs that the user of that industrial machine is forced to either incur or eliminate.

For this reason, it is crucial that each component guarantees optimal performance under the conditions in which the machine operates. Performing specific function with the highest level of continuity and reliability. Manufacturers of industrial machines require components with high performance levels that can solve critical situations involving residue from processes or contaminants. These components must also be easy to mount and/or replace and require very little maintenance.

Rollon linear rails (Linear Line) are used in several linear motion applications in industrial machines, such as lateral sliding of safety doors and guards, motion of a control board or panel, or the movement of tools on the workstation. The ability to absorb misalignment using the rail itself, particularly rails from the Compact Rail family, is highly valued by industrial machine manufacturers.  It allows them to eliminate the costs associated with  fixing the irregular surfaces of machines or managing  movement effectively without a rigid structure: in conditions where an excessively rigid structure would not be able to operate efficiently. In addition, the use of ball bearing sliders allows the machine to reach speeds up to 9 m/s, accelerations up to 20 m/s2 and an excellent quality of sliding motion, also in presence of residue from processes or contamination (sawdust, dust, etc).

Rollon telescopic rails (Telescopic Line) are widely used by industrial machine manufacturers to manage extractions of machine components during maintenance. Telescopic rails are a leading product in our heavy duty range due to their high load capacity (guaranteed by tempered raceways) and reduced deflection,. This  allows them to function at maximum efficiency and ergonomics with extractions of up to 150% of the rail length.

Rollon linear actuators (Actuator Line) are belt driven, screw driven or rack and pinion operated, and are used mainly for interlocking systems on machines. Rollon offers a wide range of solutions, with profiles up to 360 mm and the possibility of configurations with multiple vertical axes, synchronized or independent. Rollon linear axes offer a load capacity up to 2T andfor screw driven models, precision in positioning up to 0.003 mm.

To meet the needs of industrial machines that operate in wet refrigerant or corrosive agents, all Rollon products are available with anti-corrosion treatments in alternative to the standard galvanizing treatment. Treatments are decided based on the critical aspects of use: nickel plating, Durnicoat or RollonAloy.